Occupational Therapy


At True Care Home Therapy we offer occupational therapy evaluations and treatment plans in the comfort of your home or community. Occupational therapy services address fine motor control to master the “skills of life”, regardless of the role of the patient. Treatment emphasis is on hand dexterity as well as cognitive ability and patient education. Interventions also address social skills needed while
gaining function or learning adaptations in recovery. The goal of the occupational therapist is to help individuals achieve independence in their home and work activities.


Types of Treatment and Therapy




  • Sensory challenges

  •  Developmental delay care

  •  ADHD solutions

  •  Autism Intervention

  • Home modification assessment

  •  Energy conservation

  • Fall prevention

  • Low vision concerns

  • Safe driving tips

Activities of Daily Life Training

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Medication Management

  • Cooking

  • Writing