About Us



True Care Home Therapy was developed to alleviate areas of healthcare that continue to be a strain. Our goal is to lessen the burden of the patient who is in need of therapy and has difficulty receiving it. The way we do this is by bringing your therapist to you. Patient-centered care is provided by compassionate and experienced therapists. Family training can be requested of our licensed therapists to continue the benefits of their program after the treatment has ended. An additional benefit of having care in the home is to assess the environment itself. Modifications can often be made to increase the safety and independence of our patients. Letters of medical necessity written to your insurance company indicating the need for change can be useful in receiving financial help from the insurance carrier to make revisions.

Our mission is to return the art in healing. Whether the patient is a senior aging in place, a medically fragile child or simply an individual with an orthopedic injury we strive to restore our patients to their optimal function . Professional services, education and compassion will be provided with the dignity and sincerity that we would seek for our own family members.

True Care Home Therapy opened its doors in 2014. While this company seems in its infancy, the experience behind the plan has been building for over two decades. The founder, Margaret Catherine Mitsock, has been a clinician since 1997 in the physical therapy field. Much of those years were dedicated solely to patient care, however in more recent years she had been chosen to assist in administrative roles such as marketing director and clinical director. These experiences were the catalyst to creating True Care Home Therapy. The time in these roles showed the trends in patient need as well as industry demand.